Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dancing Curls?

“Have you ever heard of someone’s hair standing up on its own,
or wrapping around an ice cream cone?
One day while watching the dancing ivies in her neighbor
Mrs. Pumpkins garden, her curly locks did the same.”

This is one of the quotes from my story, “The Girl With The Magical Curls”. The main character named Tatiana, is playing in her neighbor Mrs. Pumpkin’s garden and gets her curly locks caught in the ivy vines. Ever since then she’s been having these moments where she needs to save people she loves, or with a stranger or animal from physical danger.

Tatiana is there to save them using only one thing. Her hair. From the amusement park rides to a carnival to saving a baby drowning Tatiana learns about her strengths, weaknesses, and most important, helping others without hesitation in a limited amount of time. She’s always loved her curly locks as she thought they were unique from a lot of her other friend’s hair.

This book has many hidden and noticeable messages to young girls. As it’s not a typical hair book about a little girl who loves her hair. This book has all of the elements from girl power to curly hair empowerment to be of service to your fellow man or woman. Quite recently perhaps in the past 5 years there has been an increase of support for women with naturally curly hair. 

Products, magazines and online support media groups are even more popular now than they were 20 years ago.

I think these outlets are important, for us naturally curly haired women to support our daughter’s with curly hair. It’s enough that they are going to grow up in a society which will hold them to false standards of beauty. As mother’s we need to feel and be beautiful ourselves, showing them as an example the beauty and power that they will hold by just being natural. Just being themselves. #teamcurly

Best wishes to all and again thank you for reading,
Evita Giron

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