Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Which Do You Prefer? Curly or Straight?

"Only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful" Dove Hair -Love Your Curls Commercial

About a week ago I did a poll on my Facebook page which do you prefer, curly or straight hair? Using myself as a model, I was curious to see what most people preferred. Below are the photos that I used:

The results were as follows:

10 people preferred Curly
13 people preferred Both
7 people preferred Straight

The question that I wanted to ask was, "and why do you like my hair either curly or straight, or even both?" More and more I'm begining to see and hear little girls with naturally curly hair say, "I hate my hair" or  "my hair is ugly" and ask their mom's to get it straightened. I've even known adult women who suffered and still suffer from loving and accepting their beautiful curls. This makes me sad because, I have a daughter who is going to grow up in a society that will dictate, what is beautiful and what is not. I believe as women and mothers we have to lead by example. I've embraced my natural curls and I want my daughter to do the same. With my children's book, I want to change the perception that society has on beauty and change the thoughts and minds of those little girls out there. Hoping to give them a boost of confidence that they and their curls are BEAUTIFUL. 

I'm going to leave you with the Dove #LoveYourCurls Commercial. This commercial makes me cry everytime I see it. However, it gives me joy and hope that these girls will continue to see themselves as beautiful no matter what.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Girl With The Magical Curls

Hi! I'm Evita Giron and I'm an aspiring children's book author and writer. 

My book titled, The Girl With The Magical Curls is and was inspired by my daughter, Tatiana which is also the lead character's name. 

About a week ago I had the privilege of sharing this character type with friends, family and acquaintances on my LinkedIn and Facebook pages. This character type was compared with another character style. This particular style ended up being nominated as the preferred style for this character. It was so great to see people that I know or don't know asking about my work, the story, my motivation behind this book and the differences that they liked or disliked with the character. 

Which started as a nighttime bedtime story, the concept of the story was written in November 2014. 

The Girl With The Magical Curls is about a little girl named Tatiana who develops magical hair powers while it gets caught in her neighbor’s ivies. Tatiana goes around town saving lives and aiding others using her hair. From saving the life of the neighborhood kitty; to saving the lives of carnival goers at a local amusement park, Tatiana learns the importance of helping others.  

The inspiration for my book, The Girl With The Magic Curls came from my daughter Tatiana, which is also the lead characters’ name. As a multiracial family and coming from a diverse background, I thought it would be a good idea to have a child super hero with a unique special power. In love with my daughter’s curly hair and my curly hair, I thought why not create a character with curly hair that has amazing super power abilities using her hair? The messages in this story are relatable, loving your hair, girl empowerment, and being of service to all humankind. 

I'm delighted to share this story and inform you of the progress in the development of my first self-published piece! I'm so excited, and I hope you are too! Come along with me :-)

Until next time, best wishes

Evita Giron